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Desktop Fusion

View images on your desktop and manage your wallpaper. Instant...

View images on your desktop and manage your wallpaper. Instant download. Includes 27 free wallpaper images. Only $15. 95. Desktop Fusion is not your run-of-the-mill wallpaper changer.

It is something unique. Once you've tried it on your desktop, you'll see what a difference it makes. I like to set the timer to change images every hour with the enlarged but undistorted (unstretched) image displayed on top of nice wallpaper tiles.

That's right, images displayed on top of the wallpaper. And, I can set my weather sticker to get current weather conditions from anywhere in the United States.

So, sometimes I get hourly updates of just how hot it is in Phoenix while I enjoy the cool at the coast. Desktop Fusion displays images on your desktop in a viewer that is a part of your desktop.

You can page instantly through your images at the click of a mouse or see them in a slide show. Your desktop becomes a dynamic wallpaper viewer giving you complete control over the appearance of your desktop.

**Download includes a set of 27 tasteful sample wallpaper images. **Manage 1000s of images. **Show and easily switch among web pages displayed directly on your desktop.

**Integrate background color, wallpaper, desktop image viewer and weather together to form an aesthetic desktop environment. **Get current weather conditions (and weather advisories) for your town or city, updated hourly.

**Place any number of handy notes or reminders on your desktop. **Easily switch among wallpaper images. **Optionally, view your images as a slideshow.

**Preview your images in the image list manager as thumbnails or full screen. **Move, rename and delete image files and directories on your hard drive.

**Use a stretched or tiled wallpaper image as a backdrop to the image viewer. The image viewer stretches the images proportionally to fill the available space but avoid distortion.

**Preview how your integrated desktop will appear before applying any changes. Desktop Fusion includes a Windows application for managing your wallpaper images and image viewer lists and for integrating all of these into your desktop in dozens of combinations.

And it includes a special desktop web page. your desktop is a web browser. that includes an image viewer, current weather conditions and desktop notes/reminders.

Desktop Fusion


Desktop Fusion

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